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We resolve your disputes

to save you money, time and stress

Ragon-Chambers Mediation provides civil, commercial and workplace mediation services across the UK. 


Mediation is a FAST, INEXPENSIVE and ACCESSIBLE approach to resolving disputes out-of-court. Find out more about how to resolve a dispute and if mediation is right for you here.

Our mediators are fully trained and registered with the Civil Mediation Council, accredited with the Standing Conference of Mediation Advocates and are members of ADR Group

Our Services

Civil Mediation

Our civil mediation experts resolve disputes between you and other people or organisations

Commercial Mediation

Our commercial practice resolves disputes between businesses, so you can get back to running it

Workplace Mediation

Our workplace mediators resolve disputes within your organisation so it runs smoothly and people thrive


"Ragon-Chambers went the extra mile to help and support me through a stressful situation. 


I wouldn't hesitate to call them again and I'd recommend them to anyone considering mediation or court action."

"Really informative and helpful with my case every step of the way.


I highly recommend and will use again if needed." 

"Extremely diligent and helpful throughout the process.


Kudos to them. I recommend them highly."

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