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Complaints Procedure

We work hard to provide high levels of service.

If you're ever dissatisfied please let us know as below.

Ragon-Chambers Mediation aim to always provide high levels of service.  However, in the unlikely event that you are dissatisfied for any reason we will do our best to resolve the matter. 

Our complaints procedure is as follows:

  1. So that we might deal with your issue as soon as possible, please raise it with the mediator if reasonable to do so or write to us at 204 Court Road, London, SE9 4TX or

  2. You will be contacted within five working days to acknowledge receipt of your complaint.

  3. We shall then request a detailed statement and all relevant documentation. The matter will be reviewed and a statement taken from the relevant mediator.

  4. All complaints will be responded to in writing within 21 working days of receipt. From time-to-time an investigation may require more time: in this case we shall notify you in writing.

  5. You will be given a further opportunity to comment on points arising from the mediator’s statement and put to you by the investigator.

  6. We will then wait for ten working days in case you wish to respond further.  If we receive no response from you we will close the matter.

  7. In the unlikely event you are still not happy with our response you may appeal to the Civil Mediation Council (CMC). Details of the CMC's appeal process can be found here: CMC Complaints Process.

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