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Unsatisfactory or faulty goods or services

Resolve disputes with retailers, tradespeople, car dealerships or other sellers or service providers

Disputes can arise when buying goods or services when there are disagreements over the quantity, quality or specification of what has been bought. Examples we've helped resolve include disputes between builders or tradespeople and their customers, between car dealers and car buyers and between holiday-makers and holiday retailers.

These disagreements cannot always be resolved between the parties, and litigation can be so time-consuming, stressful and disproportionately expensive that even the HM Courts & Tribunals Service defines it as a "last resort".

Our team have resolved many such disputes in mediation, helping parties to agree solutions that work for them. If you have any questions about how we can resolve your dispute, call us on 020 7971 1119 or click the link below.

Common disputes

Building and construction

Building work tends to be a significant expense, is particularly important to the customer but is difficult to define precisely. These characteristics make it ripe for disagreements.

Often such disagreements can be resolved directly between the parties, and this is the best way.

When this isn't possible, mediation is cheaper than court and allows more creative solutions.

Vehicles and warranties

A car or work-vehicle is another big expense and the market for used vehicles is well established. Problems can be expensive to rectify meaning disputes can arise.

Legal rights and warranties offer protection but different interpretations mean disputes can still occur.

Mediation has proved successful at resolving such disputes and is more cost-effective than court action.

Faulty products

Despite best intentions, some purchases are unfit for purpose or just fail to meet reasonable expectations. Often such issues can be resolved with the seller, but this is not always the case.

Most sellers have refund and complaint policies in place and these should be exhausted before escalating disputes.


If still unresolved, mediation can help uncover mutually-agreeable solutions without the cost or stress of litigation.

6 reasons to mediate a consumer dispute



Mediation is much cheaper than court action and costs are known and fixed at the outset


All parties will agree to any settlement -

no-one has an outcome imposed on them

Protects relationships

Mediation is collaborative, improving relationships compared to adversarial litigation


Mediation is usually resolved in one day, much faster than court proceedings

Less stress

We put our clients at ease and avoid the intimidating formality of court


Mediation takes place at a time and place agreed by the parties, or even online

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