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Property Disputes

Resolve disputes about your property

Protect your property and your quality of life

Disputes regarding property are some of the most common and the most stressful disputes. Threats to your home are serious but you also want to maintain a decent relationship with those that impact it.

Disputes between landlords and their tenants, between freeholders and leaseholders and amongst tenants can all cause stress and costs can escalate quickly.

Our team of experienced mediators have helped resolved many property disputes, and have done so more quickly and at lower cost that is usually possible should the parties resort to litigation. 

If you have any questions about your dispute, contact our team on 020 7971 1119 or click the link below.

Common property disputes

Landlord and Tenant

Lease and service charge disputes are common and, left unresolved, owner-occupier disputes can threaten your financial and mental wellbeing.

Typical examples are regarding service charges, maintenance obligations, sub-letting, rent reviews and break clauses.

Mediation helps agree mutually satisfactory solutions that rebuild the relationship rather than worsening it.

Freeholder and Leaseholder

Disputes regarding freehold conditions and charges are well publicised​. Freeholders own the property which is leased by the leaseholder.

Issues can arise regarding extending the lease, leaseholder charges or makintenance obligations.

Our experienced mediators can help leaseholders and freeholders agree mutually beneficial settlements. 

Neighbour disputes

Neighbour disputes range from disputed boundaries, disagreements over fences or hedges, rights of way and nuisance (see more details here). 

Living in close proximity can escalatre issues but also makes these disputes even more important to resolve.

Through mediation, we have helped neighbours resolve long-standing arguments and re-establish friendships. 

6 reasons to mediate a property dispute



Mediation is much cheaper than court action and costs are known and fixed at the outset


Mediation allows for innovative solutions not possible in court and no-one can have an

outcome imposed on them

Protects relationships

Mediation is collaborative, improving relationships compared to adversarial litigation


Mediation is usually resolved in one day, much faster than court proceedings

Less stress

We put our clients at ease and avoid the intimidating formality of court


Mediation takes place at a time and place agreed by the parties, or even online

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