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Wills, Trust and Probate Disputes

Resolve disputes regarding wills and inheritance

Protect relationships with your family

Disputes involving estates after death can be extremely complex and highly sensitive. As such, these disputes are extremely well suited to mediation as an alternative to litigation. 

Left unresolved, such disputes can seriously damage one's quality of life, destroy family relationships and even threaten the value of your inheritance. We resolve these disputes quickly, cost-effectively and collaboratively, returning peace and safeguarding your legacy.

Our experienced team have broad experience of issues regarding wills, estates, family trusts and probate. We can help you avoid battling your family and co-beneficiaries in court by mediating a mutually satisfactory settlement.

If you have any questions about your dispute, contact our team on 020 7971 1119 or click the link below.

Common disputes

Challenging the validity of a will

A recent survey suggest two thirds of people have no will, meaning their estate will be shared according to the UK's intestacy rules.


Many wills are out-of-date or invalid. For example, wills that have not been witnessed correctly are invalid. Even valid wills can be contested in some circumstances.

If you are involved in a dispute regarding a will, contact us to discuss how mediation can help.

Unsatisfactory administration of estates

Contentious probate refers to any dispute regarding how a deceased person's estate is administered.

If you feel someone's estate is not being managed properly, we can help contest probate. This might involve the interpretatation of a will, the management of the estate or where there is no valid will.

Mediation has proved successful at resolving such disputes with settlements that work for all parties.

Mental capacity and undue influence

The deceased may not have had the required level of understanding to make the Will perhaps due to dementia, an injury or the level of medication being taken.

Otherwise the deceased may have been put under undue pressure to make their will, or alter it in favour of a particular party or parties.

These cases can be difficult to litigate, but mediation can help to find a resolution that suits all involved.

6 reasons to mediate an inheritance dispute



Litigation can erode the value of the estate,  mediation is much cheaper and costs are fixed

Protects relationships

These disputes are sensitive. Mediation helps avoid adverserial court battles and repair family relationships


Mediation allows solutions not available to the courts and prevents settlements being imposed on any party


Mediation is usually resolved in one day, much faster than court proceedings

Less stress

We put our clients at ease and avoid the intimidating formality of court


Mediation is usually resolved in one day, much faster than court proceedings

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