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Civil, Commercial and Workplace Mediation services

across the UK and internationally

Ragon-Chambers Mediation provides civil, commercial and workplace mediation services throughout the UK.

We believe that mediation is the better way: typically faster, cheaper, less stressful and more likely to deliver satisfactory outcomes than court action.

All our mediators are registered with the Civil Mediation Council and are accredited by the Standing Conference of Mediation Advocates. We are also members of ADR Group

In addition, our mediators all have many years' experience outside mediation, with successful careers spanning professional services, blue-chip enterprises and innovative start-ups. This means we understand disputes from the disputants' perspective, and our work is focused on getting you back to your life or your business.

Our Leadership Team

All our team are highly qualified, registered and accredited mediators.

We also have broad experience in legal, professional advisory and commercial roles.


Jake Chambers

Managing Director

Jake is a founder and Managing Director at Ragon-Chambers Mediation, specialising in commercial and civil mediation. 


He is registered at the Civil Mediation Council, which regulates civil/commercial and workplace mediators, accredited with the Standing Convention of Mediation Advocates (SCMA) and a member of ADR Group.

Jake's successful career spanning blue chip organisations, top-tier professional services and consultancy has given him a deep understanding of managing and growing businesses.

Jake's mediation experience includes: contract disputes; contentious probate disputes; shareholder relationships; consumer rights issues; money claims, property and neighbour disputes; employee grievances and more. 


We take great pride in our resolving disputes.

Here are some examples of what our clients say about us. 

"Ragon-Chambers went the extra mile to help & support me through a stressful situation. 


I wouldn't hesitate to call them again and I'd recommend them to anyone considering mediation or court action."

"Really informative and helpful with my case every step of the way.


I highly recommend and will use again if needed." 

"Extremely diligent and helpful throughout the process.


Kudos to them. I recommend them highly."

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