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Workplace Mediation

Where an impartial workplace mediator resolves disputes

between parties within your organisation

WORKPLACE MEDIATION is a process where an skilled, commercially-minded mediator helps two or more parties within an organisation resolve a dispute. 

Workplace disputes can hinder your organisation's smooth running and create an unpleasant working environment.


Mediation has many advantages over other dispute resolution. It allows organisations to remain in control of the outcome and protect their interests, which differs from court where the outcome is decided by a judge.

Almost any dispute can be resolved with open-minded participants and an experienced mediator - some examples are listed below.

6 reasons to mediate a workplace dispute

There are many benefits of mediation versus court action

We have highlighted some of the most important below



Mediation is cheaper than litigation or arbitration and costs are fixed at the outset


Parties are free to determine the outcome - no settlement can be imposed on them


Every part of the mediation is confidential, preserving privacy and sensitive information


Mediation is usually resolved in a day and

scheduled more quickly than a court hearing

Protects relationships

Mediation is constructive, helping to foster collaboration and re-build relationships


Mediation works around your timetable, making it less disruptive than court action

Disputes suitable for mediation

Who should mediate, and when?

All workplace disputes should be settled quickly to protect the business.

Here are some examples where mediation has helped businesses get back on track.

Dispute regarding sales commission payments

A dispute regarding commissions threatened to stall sales and spread discontent into other departments.

Mediation resolved the dispute quickly and with little cost and established processes to avoid future issues.

Conflict over strategy direction disrupted growth

Debates and ambiguity over strategic direction caused misalignment and wasted management time.

Mediation resolved the dispute, built common purpose and re-established clarity of decision-making.

Founders disagreement threatened partnership

Growing distrust between founders was disrupting sales and the partnership was at risk.

Mediation resolved the dispute, clarified roles, re-energised the partnership and strengthen the management team.

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