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Advantages of #Mediation 4 - Co-operation

Disputes often give rise to anger, frustration and mistrust. Beyond being simply unpleasant, these feelings cause real damage to our health and wellbeing. For many, these might be reason enough to avoid them. When the #litigation process emphasises the points of disagreement and contention with other parties, it can amplify these feelings. #Mediation on the other hand, focuses on shared interests, compromise and co-operation. This delivers direct benefit to ALL parties involved. Not only does this result in a better chance of a satisfactory outcome, but those outcomes tend to be more sustainable, more lasting. Parties tend to take away a more positive experience, and healthier one. And in many cases, the relationship of the parties is important beyond the settlement itself. I've seen neighbours' relationships destroyed by bitter #litigation; and I've seen similar relationships mended by collaborative #mediation. Commercial parties in dispute are usually better off re-building and strengthening the partnership than abandoning it. #Mediation avoids the combative nature of court where one party wins at the expense of the other.

#Mediation is #disputeresolution where both parties can win.


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