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Advantages of #Mediation 1 - Control

Mediation has many well-documented advantages over other methods for resolving civil and commercial #disputes, but which are the most powerful?

Control is always important, but in #disputeresolution it can be critical. In this context, parties retain control as they cannot be forced into any resolution or outcome that they are not satisfied with. No judge or arbiter will decide who wins and who loses, nor the terms of the agreement.

Rather the mediator works impartially on the behalf of ALL parties to find a solution that is acceptable to ALL parties. Only if and when such a settlement is found will the parties be asked to sign up to it and, thereafter, be bound by it.

In this way, the parties are able to keep control and protect their interests at all times. If the process veers to far from what's acceptable, parties can simply decline and offer alternatives. Of course compromise is key, but mediators will help to ensure the settlement is reasonable, fair and sustainable.

So, is keeping control of the outcome the biggest advantage of mediation? Stay tuned for other contenders...


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